Who We Are

We are Atlantic Tech Hub Ltd., and we invite you to be apart of our tech community!.

Atlantic Tech Hub Ltd. is based in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is considered a world class Information Technology Hub. We are located in a central business destination, Shirley Street, just before you reach Down Town, Nassau Bahamas. Our services includes, creating innovative websites, mobile applications and other software’s that assist with any  business operations. We believe that there is a way technology can stabilize every economic plight and our aim is to prove that concept. We invite you to join us!

 Keys to Success includes:

  • The provision of high-end online services with an affordable and simplistic approach.
  • To satisfy the needs of all citizens/residence using technology as key source.  
  • Establish strategic partnerships that will benefit both ATH and partnering companies.

High Quality Standards

We believe in providing our customers with the best quality, whether that’s in imagery, functionality or content

We Educate

We ensure our customers are  equipped with the knowledge needed to navigate throughout their platform.

Modern Business Solutions

We further assist you by providing free consultation, that will help you discover the best online solutions to advance your business operations.

Experience Team Members

Our group consist of experience individuals in the fields of, IT Services, Financial Services, Legal Services, Business Consultation, and Office Administration.

Our Services


We can create a innovative website or mobile application for your business, with features that will accommodate all your business operations.


Maintenance for your platform will include regular updates, security, or reconstruction to your existent platform.

``Together we can make a positive impact, lets start today``

– ATH Members –